Local Packing Services

Our local moving services cover the areas of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda and Surat areas. Local moving is charged by the hour, with rates depending on the number of trucks and movers needed for your job.

There is a minimum charge, what we call a "minimum job", which is three hours. Contact us for more information. You should keep in mind that almost every moving company charges one hour extra as a "Travel Time" charges.

Its time it takes the truck from the moving office to your house, then to your new place, and then back to the main office. Travel time charges can vary according to the distance, but usually it's an additional one-hour rate added to your total charge.

We have replaced this "travel time charge" with "surcharge", which is based on how much petrol or diesel the truck consumes in the whole distance so that you won't be charged an additional hourly price for the time we'll be sitting in the truck and travelling back and forth.

If you wish us to pack your items, All the packing materials, such as various boxes, wraps, and tapes are charged based on the actual usage, and we do not charge for using blankets and moving pads. Included in price is your standard moving insurance (see Insurance for more details), and additional insurance can be obtained during or before the day of your move.